The Aachen Workshop

Workshop 2012

The Göteborg String Theory and The Berlin String Theory executed a workshop in Aachen in July 2011, in cooperation with Christoph Scheinberger Artist Office, the curator Dr. Nina Mika-Helfmeier of Städteregion Aachen. Among the acts were the Japanese/Belgian dance company Irène K, whose improvised performance choreography was based on the musical piece No Gravity composed by Nackt, the all female teenage group Marching Mellows and the Persian/Polish band Celno & Gypsies and singer/songwriters Spjelle and Michael Witte. Also an electro acoustic composition by sound artist Helena Persson was performed, based on graphic notation and directed by musical director Simon Bauer. The workshop and the final sold-out public performance took place at Energeticon in Alsdorf. The visual artists Chérie (Berlin) and Christina Vantzou (Brussels) created short films that were displayed during the concert.

>>> Complete list of participants, see below the photos. <<<

A documentary about the workshop was produced by Weishaupt Film, subsidized by Städteregion Aachen. Click here to view it

Great workshop photos by Mike Brockschmidt shot during the Workshop week at Energeticon. Click here to view them

Photos from the dance performance at Zinkhütter Hof – taken during rehersal and live show. Photo by Heike Eisenmenger. See below.

Workshop participants


Andreas Andersson (bass clarinet)
Anna Melander (flute)
Daniel Schröteler (percussion, electronics)
Erik Rosenkvist (trumpet)
Frida Thurfjell (sax)
Johannes “Josh” Henschel (cello)
Karin Hagström (violin)
Alexandre Contout (violin)
Anna Jussen (violin)
Anna Mavrommatis (violin)
Annalisa Derossi (piano)
David Schütte (cello)
Dietmar Berger (cello)
Lev Gordin (cello)
Lilia Kirkov (bass)
Lukas Mattke (cello)
Paul Lindenauer (violin)
Sonja Mischor (flute)


Marching Mellows
Celno & Gypsies
Michael Witte
Nathalie Barusta Gäbel
Helena Persson

Composers, Conductors & Musical Producers

Simon Bauer
Nils Tegen
Ben Lauber

Visual Artists

Christina Vantzou

Art Director

Nathalie Barusta Gäbel

Sound Engineer

Tilman Hopf

Project Manager

Sebastian Gäbel

Tour Manager, Stage Manager

Manuel Owono

Executive Producer

Christoph Scheinberger


Dr. Nina Mika-Helfmeier

Productions Assistants

Andreas Trzuskowsky
Pitt Wagner
Eva Mertens

House Technician Energeticon

Frank Krottenmüller

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